“I hired Kelly and Scott to work on my capital case and I’m so happy I did. They are everything you would want in a mitigation and guilt investigation team: resourceful, creative, tireless, and self-motivated. Scott and Kelly have excellent instincts and ideas that consistently help propel the defense forward. Their years of experience means they can dig up evidence and witnesses a lesser investigator would find only through luck. Thanks to Kelly and Scott, I was able to present a sympathetic, meticulously detailed history of my client’s life, and as a result my client is no longer facing the death penalty.”
Diana Garrido, Contra Costa Deputy Public Defender


“Our wrongful conviction civil rights case had a number of extraordinarily reluctant witnesses. Kelly was dogged in not only locating and serving elusive witnesses but also convincing them to testify. Some of the most helpful witness testimony we had at trial was a direct result of Kelly’s ability to gain witnesses’ trust, persuade them to cooperate and to tell the truth at their depositions. Her work helped us win what we believe to be the largest jury verdict ever against the SFPD.”
Nick Brustin, Neufeld, Scheck & Brustin, LLP, New York, NY


“I have been practicing criminal defense for over 18 years. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with both Scott and Kelly since 2007. They are thorough, extremely effective and efficient in their craft. The majority of my clients are charged with serious violent felonies facing life and or life without parole sentences. In those cases; my first choice has consistently been Whitney Investigations and in every instance; they have always exceeded expectations and delivered results.”
Tracee Clark, Deputy Public Defender, Contra Costa County


“Kelly Whitney is a truly gifted investigator. It seems like people immediately like and trust her, and so they open up in amazing ways-without her having to pretend to be anything or anyone other then who she is. A case in point: I asked her to interview a juror who had returned a death verdict in Kern County- a very conservative guy in an extremely conservative community. Not only did he freely own up to several forms of juror misconduct- and sign a declaration Kelly prepared on the spot, attesting to it- but his wife gladly signed a corroborating declaration. Kelly is smart, quick, resourceful, honest, patient, unafraid and very perseverant- everything you could ask for in a first class investigator.”
A.J. Kutchins, Law Offices of A.J. Kutchins, Berkeley, CA


“In a complex gang shooting case, I watched as Scott Whitney testified before the jury about his investigations for the co-defendant. He is an excellent witness. His innate credibility surrounds the witness chair, reassuring the jury.”
Cecily Gray. Deputy Public Defender, Contra Costa County

“Kelly and Scott Whitney have done investigations on hundreds of my cases for over sixteen years now. They are a pleasure to work with, as individuals, and as a pair. They have always gone above and beyond for me and my clients and can always be counted on to be thorough, professional, experienced and quick on their toes. Whether they are at a conference table or in the projects, they are very good at what they do. I highly recommend their services.”
Linda Fullerton, Law Offices of Linda Fullerton, Point Richmond, CA


“Scott and Kelly Whitney do excellent work on my cases in both state and federal courts.  They have everything I require:  honesty, accuracy, careful instruction following, excellent interviewing skills, and more. They work well with me and without me. I highly recommend them.”
Deborah Levine, Law Offices of Deborah Levine, Walnut Creek, CA


“I have worked with Whitney Investigations for many years on a wide variety of cases (homicides, domestic violence, gangs, fraud, etc.) I have always found Scott and Kelly to be professional, diligent, thorough, creative and persistent. They excel at all aspects of investigation, to include witness interviews, client relations, record searching and interpretation, and report writing. Kelly and Scott have common sense and good people skills, in addition to having initiative and problem solving skills. I would recommend their services to any criminal law practitioner.”
Robert Waggener, Law Office of Robert Waggener, San Francisco, CA


“Kelly and Scott have worked on many cases for me over the last decade. They are experienced, dedicated, reliable, and exercise excellent judgment. Thorough and accurate record searching, great on locates, very creative approach to witness interviews, and excellent report writing. They have worked on extremely complex cases with me, and their performance was excellent. These are “go to” investigators for the really tough case (and of course, the routine ones as well)”

Mark Rosenbush, Law Office of Mark Rosenbush, San Francisco, CA


“I have been practicing primarily criminal defense work for over 25 years and am a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law. I have had the pleasure of working with Scott and Kelly Whitney since 2006. They are extremely conscientious and hard working. They will go the extra mile for the client. They are very knowledgeable about criminal investigation techniques and possess excellent people skills. This enables them to be an integral part of the defense team. Scott has testified about his work in a number of my trials. He is always well prepared and presents well to the court and jury.”
Mike Markowitz, Gagen, McCoy, McMahon, Koss, Markowitz & Raines, Danville, CA


“Kelly Whitney has helped my office on several investigations, including one very high profile case that resulted in an award of over $4,000,000. for my client. Much of the success in that case was a result of the information that Kelly uncovered. Whenever a case needs careful and persistent digging for the truth, I can rely on Kelly to get the job done right. I highly recommend Whitney Investigations.”
Darren Kessler, Law Office of Darren Kessler, El Cerrito, CA


“I have had the good fortune to work with Scott and Kelly Whitney since 2000. Whether they are locating, interviewing, serving, and bringing witnesses to court to prove my client’s innocence, or preparing me enough to know a case needs to be dealt; they have always brought me information that has seriously affected the outcome of my cases. I also appreciate that they are not like many investigators who came from a previous career in law enforcement.”
Paul Feuerwerker, Criminal Defense Attorney, Point Richmond


“I have used the services of Whitney Investigations in all my cases (except when a co-defendant’s attorney beats me to it) for a number of years. I have always found Kelly and Scott to be responsive, responsible and just plain great to deal with. They complete assigned tasks well and quickly and often contribute ideas and approaches to the defense of my clients.”
G. Wright Morton, Criminal Defense Attorney, Martinez, CA


“Kelly Whitney came highly recommended from my very experienced criminal defense attorney mentor. Kelly worked on a few cases for me before I even met her in person. I was immediately impressed by her ability to get the job done, and sometimes, with very little direction. She can get even the most reluctant witnesses to talk with her.  Her style is professional, low keyed, and friendly. I am also grateful for her exceptional time management skills. She has always come through for me and as most attorneys know- the most important part of any case is without a doubt, our investigation. Kelly is the best!”
Angeli Fitch, Criminal Defense Attorney, San Francisco, CA


“If you are looking for a thorough, responsible, hardworking investigator, then Kelly Whitney is the right choice. She has excellent computer and tracking skillls and her kind, low key demeanor make her a successful and good interviewer. Her investigative reports are clear and concise. She maintains a good level of communication with counsel.  In the decade I have worked with her, she has always been reliable and gets the job done.  There have been several times I have brought Kelly in to do work other investigators had failed at. She was also able to complete the job. Kelly is an excellent trial witness. She is always well prepared and an effective and articulate witness. I highly recommend Ms. Whitney as an all around good investigator.”
Kimberly Kupferer, 26 year Criminal Defense Attorney in Private Practice


“Smart, savvy, tenacious and highly respected”

Scott Christianson, Ph.D., author of Bodies of Evidence: Forensics and Crime and Innocent: Inside Wrongful Conviction Cases, and other books


“Kelly Whitney is an exceptional and extraordinary investigator. We had a client in prison for nine years for a crime he did not commit and it was Kelly’s investigation that led to the grant of a writ of habeas corpus, a new trial, and the eventual dismissal by the trial judge of all charges against our client. She has an amazing gift with people — she is completely disarming, yet genuine — and witnesses open up to her and talk. Her work on another case, including lengthy interviews with the victim’s family members, led to the dismissal of a first degree murder charge against our client, before the preliminary hearing. Kelly is hard working and tenacious. She knows what information she needs to get and gets it, whether interviews, declarations, court or business records, or recordings. Her work is always excellent.”
Alex Reisman & Kate Chatfield, San Francisco Defense Attorneys