T9 Mastered Title IX Certificate of Completion and Trauma Informed Training, San Diego, CA
Title IX Summit: Effective Compliance with Title IX and Clery Act, Diablo Valley College
What Administrators and Adjudicators Should Know about Campus Sexual Assault, Napa Valley College
Death Penalty College; Santa Clara University School of Law
National Defense Investigators Association
California Association of Licensed Investigators, E.L.I.T.E. Program
California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Capital Case Seminars in Monterey & San Diego
California Public Defenders Association
The Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council

Technology Courses:
Electronic Frontier Foundation course in internet privacy
Government Covert Surveillance (Stingray/Spider) Issues in Litigation.
Challenging Firearm and Tool Mark Identification Evidence.
Social Media and World Wide Web for Trial.
Understanding New Surveillance Tools: Cell Phone Tracking, Stingrays, Hemisphere & More.
Computer Forensics in Digital Investigation.
Mobile Device Forensics.
Online Investigation & Social Media.
Historical Cell Site Analysis.
Digital Investigations: An Inside Look.
Using Technology in your Cases, from Investigation thru Trial.
Forensics: New Science Issues.
Internet & Social Media in Investigations.
GPS & Cell Phone Tracking.
DMV Records: How to Access & Interpret & Utilize.
DNA: Not all Cold Hits are Equal.
Using Technology in Investigation, Including Social Networking Websites. Fingerprints.

Mitigation/ Interviewing-related Courses:
Investigating and Presenting Your Client’s First Five Years of Life Mitigation Videos.
Strategies and Techniques for Interviewing Difficult Witnesses.
Interviewing for Mitigation.
Using Moving Pictures to Persuade.
Coerced or False Confessions.
Tools of the Mitigation Trade.
Getting the Most out of your Mitigation- Effectively Finding Multiple Sources and Voices to Tell the Client’s Story.
Broadening the Scope of Mitigation Investigation.
Sentencing Investigation.

Other Investigative Courses:
Eyewitness ID, Crime Labs and DNA; Modern Day Forensics Challenges for
Investigators and Paralegals.
Wrongfully Convicted: A First-Hand Account of Why the Client & Investigations Matter.
The Seven Deadly Sins of Poor Report Writing: Tips for Improving Reports and
Sentencing Memos.
Ethical Dilemmas for the Criminal Defense Team.
Current Legal Issues in Defending Federal Child Pornography Cases.
Records: Gathering and Decoding.
Interviewing Issues, Including Investigative Reports & Disclosure Obligations.
Defendant Victim Outreach & other Victim Outreach.
Secondary Trauma.
Background investigations, Experts/Snitches.
Gang Life Mitigation Including Latino Gangs.
Eyewitness Identification Issues.
Confidentiality of Defense Investigations.
Fighting Gang Allegations.
Organizing Your Case.
Discovering Evidence of Trauma.
Interviewing for Complex Trauma.
Neuroscience of Early Life & Attachment Theory.
Investigators and Attorneys Working Together.
Impact of Incarceration.
Co-defendant Cases–State and Federal.
Cultural and Racial Issues Affecting Investigations.
Criminal Defense Investigations.
Digital Evidence.
Mediating from a Weak Position.
Evidence & Death Penalty Cases.
Police Misconduct.
Ethical Considerations.
Police Interrogation Techniques.
Street Gang Investigations.
Risk Management.
New Developments in Eye Witness Identification.
Record Gathering, including CPRA and FOIA.
Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation Case Management.
Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Training.

RELEVANT COURSES (UC Irvine & UC Berkeley)
Police and Society
Homicide and Suicide
The Inequality of Law
The Sociology of Law
Juvenile Delinquency
Social Deviance
Social Problems
Drugs and Addiction
Human Sexuality
Social Psychology
Early Childhood Education
Environmental Psychology