•  Specializing in criminal defense in the Bay Area and throughout California —Federal and state cases, both privately retained and court-appointed.

•  Collaborate as a team on Capital cases, serving roles of fact and mitigation investigators

•  Educated and trained specifically for private investigations, rather than by traditional law enforcement model.

•  Expert trauma – informed interviewing techniques, with more than 10,000 witnesses, victims and alleged perpetrators having been interviewed.

•  Strong communication and report writing skills.

•  Incorporating best practices from a combined 41 plus years of investigative experience in criminal and civil investigations.

•  Experience in complex cold DNA cases.

•  Experience in exoneration of innocent defendants after arrest, trial, and post-conviction.

•  Experience in performing investigations prior to criminal charges being filed, as a preventive measure.

•  Experience managing more than 100 homicide cases and thousands of 3-strike and other high profile felonies.

•  Skilled at genealogy and historical research.

•  Some of their cases take several hours, while others span several years.

•  Effective mitigation investigations that have influenced the district attorney to stop pursuing the death penalty in five cases.

Trustworthy • Professional • Seasoned • Thorough • Creative • Highly Ethical